Bridging the Gap II Jan. 22, National Sawdust

Featuring composers from the Yale School of Music: Martin Bresnick, Michael Gilberston, Balint Karosi, and Aaron Jay Kernis Michael Gilbertson: Low Hanging Fruit Jesse McCandless, clarinet; Manaka Matsumoto, violin; Pall Kalmansson, cello; Liliya Ugay, piano Michael Gilbertson: Nocturne Jiji Kim, guitar; Leo Sussman, flute Aaron Jay Kernis: Ballad Jenny Kwak, cello; Aaron Jay Kernis, piano Aaron Jay Kernis: Second Ballad Jenny Kwak, cello; Evelyne Luest, piano Bálint Karosi: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano Adrian Morejon, bassoon; Hiromi Fukuda, piano Martin Bresnick: Bird As Prophet Elly Toyoda, violin; Lisa Moore, piano

About the Series

Bridging the Gap, created by National Sawdust Curator Robert Sirota, is a series of concerts of chamber, choral, and solo compositions that explore the student/teacher and mentor/mentee relationships between generations of composers. The series will emphasize the influences that brought about the expansion of musical styles and approaches over the past 20-30 years. How has music changed? What are the aesthetic values and sound worlds from which this new music is emerging?  What are the roles of academic vs. non-academic influences? How have older composers been influenced by the work of their younger colleagues? Each concert will be preceded by a discussion with composer mentors, mentees, and performers, led by a distinguished thought leader. The concerts themselves will include performances of works by both younger composers and the teachers who have influenced their development.
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