Lines of a Page

"Lines of a Page"  was commissioned for the 2014 Norfolk festival, and premiered on August 17, 2014 by the Norfolk Festival Chorus and Orchestra, conducted by Simon Carrington. I have collaborated with Kai-Hoffmann Krull, who wrote this beautiful text reflecting on ownership, memories and violence.
"Lines of a Page explores remembrance, how we understand and relate to our past. Melding specificity and doubt, the narrator walks through the landscape of his childhood to his first experience of owning nature through death, the act of fishing. Yet ownership progressively comes into question. The poem is an examination of the relationship of memory and place, how our own history, like the wild, can be wandered."
– Kai Hoffmann Krull 

When did men begin owning this land? When did they look over a river,
see sun spilling over the creases of water, and believe this belonged to man?

Do you remember the day
you brought me to the river?
do you remember leaving
our shoes in the sand?
Do you remember how you cast the pole like trees in wind.

Do you remember
as you brought that trout in
and laid it on the beach,
how the scales looked like wood becoming coals becoming heat.

Do you remember the knife you placed in my hand, how the blade caught light growing heavy in the sky

as though the day’s end wished to linger.

I ask this brother
For my memories are less and less mine
lost ever more in the current of time.
Whose hand brought blood and why?
I am a wanderer in the wilderness of the mind.

Text by Kai Hoffmann-Krull