Triple Concerto for Harp, Cimbalom and Guitar

This unusual combination of instruments is a result of my collaboration with an equally unusual group, Musiciens Libres from Budapest. In this three-movement concerto I am particularly interested in the blending of the three instruments (the plucked guitar and harp, and the struck cimbalom) with the string orchestra and three winds, mirroring the solo instruments in the orchestra: Flutes (Alto, reg., picc, Cl/Bcl., Bsn). The first movement starts from a mystical, almost blurry place ent ends with a frenetic, virtuosic scherzo connected via an idiomatic harp cadenza. The second movement has haunting lyrical passages for both the solo instruments and the winds, colored with quarter-tone trills in the winds and sul pont harmonics in the strings. The last movement owes to my Hungarian roots, with plenty of rhythmic, percussive and scalar passages successfully blending my most powerful musical influences: Ligeti, Bartók and minimalism. The world premiere took place at the Liszt Academy in Budapest on April 28, 2015. The premiere (reviewed in Hungarian here) was followed by two additional performances and a recording by Hungaroton, to be released in 2017. Spectrum Symphony of New York gives its first American performance on March 10, 2017 at Saint Peter's Church