My new orchestra piece is now available for listening!

Dancescapes is a set of four dances four symphony orchestra. It is my attempt to compose music that is a mixture of the great 20th-century American orchestral tradition and my Hungarian roots, owing much to folk music and the music of Bartók.  I composed this piece for a performance by the Yale Philharmonia Orchestra as part of my doctoral degree in composition at the Yale school of music during the summer of 2013, at the same time when I was working on “Words of Beginning.” Dancescapes would work well as a score for ballet or modern dance. The first performance took place at Woolsey Hall on December 12, 2013 by the Yale Philharmonia, conducted by Jonathan Brandani. I dedicated Dancescapes to my parents, who have given me so much support, encouragement and love in my life.

The piece opens with a flute solo quoting the main theme of the first dance, followed by lyrical horn passages and the second dance, with chromatic string and wind passages over an ostinato bass.

The middle section is in ABA form, featuring a second lyrical theme over a harp, vibraphone and string accompaniment. The contrasting B section contains aleatoric passages, where the orchestra players are asked to transpose and modify their parts in a controlled improvisatory section:

The following section is an exciting dance in compound meter, owing much to my Hungarian background, ending with a recap of the first dance followed by a brief climax and coda.

Entire piece: